Congrats, man. At the end of the day you’ve done everything that you’ve ever said you were going to do on every job. That’s what tipped the scales.

- R.J. Agee, Director of Industrial Development

NorthPoint Development

I bet those guys you would get done on time, and YOU DID.

- Ian Silberman, Principal | Broker

Village Square
Location CRE

First St. Charles UMC engaged BEX Construction Services to act as our Construction Manager after interviewing several other firms and we are glad we did!

BEX did a great job of qualifying and suggesting sub-contractors and all performed very well, despite the complexity, the project was finished on time and under budget.

- Roger and Katie Wynkoop, Building Co-Chairs

First St. Charles United Methodist Church

… I can’t even count the numerous compliments we have received on the transformation of that building.  Those compliments would not have been possible without the efforts of you and your team.

Not only did BEX meet our aggressive schedule, but also helped control the budget.

- Larry Lapinski, Vice President

NorthPoint Development

BEX efficiently managed the construction of the facility…served us well in their ability to adapt on the fly and offer suggestions to improve our project along the way.

The project had an aggressive schedule and constrained budget.  BEX was able to overcome these challenges by utilizing their construction experience, as well as their relationships with contractors.

- J.J. Jenkins, Project Manager

NorthPoint Development / Beyond Self Storage

They always answered my calls and responded. Every time!

They know what they are doing and made a believer of me that construction does not have to be a bad experience…Their field operation sets them apart and they truly care about the people they serve.

- Texanne McBride

GM Suntrup KIA of West County

While the bids were very close to one another, it was their confidence in their construction schedule that ultimately won them the job.

Through the worst winter in 30 years, they devised phases and schedule sequences that allowed us to receive our furniture delivery on April 1st as promised six months prior.

- John Capps

Suntrup KIA of West County

I particularly appreciated the way you worked with the subcontractors to make certain that they did not disrupt our times of Masses with excessive traffic or noise.

You were sensitive to this and the subcontractors cooperated.

- Msgr. Gregory R. Mikesch, Pastor

St. Alban Roe Catholic Church

They spent a lot of time talking with us one on one. They would have offline conversations with us and it wasn’t just the project manager if you will, it was pretty much everyone in the organization.

They went above and beyond anything we could of expected and they were just on track and on point.

- Justine Blue, City Administrator

City of Kinloch

They were very engaging and very straightforward in the bidding process.  It was extremely transparent. We jokingly say in our business, ‘You want people that are affordable and available,’ and they were both of those things. They would answer calls and questions at any given time.

They brought up a lot of great points to us, but most importantly, I think they really came to the table and got the job done.

- Scott Hardeman, MD

Gateway Ear Nose & Throat